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 ALEXRIDOLFI knitwear collection
The carded sweater?
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Cashmere and cotton
 Knowing how to choose details?
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Company and territory

In 2019, after 38 years of experience, study, formation and knowledge in the world of high quality knitwear, Macdonald and its team are going to project and develop a new men’s knitwear brand called ALEXRIDOLFI.
During all these years our company has worked to requalify and enhance the manifacture of our territory, in order to give a special value to workmanship.  From there, we decided to bring inside our company the entire production chain of the knitwear fashion industry, starting off from the research of raw materials (thanks to business relationships with the most important italian spinning mills) up to the shipment of the final product.
Our company is sensitive and respects in full people and environment and this is shown thanks to our energy saving fully integral roofing solar panel system which guarantees all the energy requirements of our warehouse and by the by allows us to not pollute.
As a cornerstone of our project there is the will to transmit the vibe and quality of our product to the customer as we use raw materials such as Cashmere, Wool, Silk, Cotton, Linen etc.
At the same time we are keeping a close eye towards the handcrafted workmanship by using and enhancing  the most updated and advanced technologies that are the flagship of our region. 
The laborious style, the details, the exquisite raw materials, the high technology knits and the handmade seams want to enhance a collection for a man who is dynamic, sober, elegant and up to date  that loves his job, famility and enjoys his free time.


ALEXRIDOLFI is synonym of italian style and its design, ideas go beyond space and time. It’s deeply inherited in the past but pointing towards the future, an italian brand totally made in Italy and with an international view.

Raw Materials

The raw materials are a cornerstone of the new brand ALEXRIDOLFI and the use of cashmere blended with refined wool, alpaca, cotton and silk gives a textured handfeel and softness.

Another flagship is the worsted and twisted cashmere almost ultraweight but at the same time extremely resistent.

Due to its high feature qualities and structure, this yarn stands out for its soft and silky handfeel and for its termostatic fibres.

The new brand promotes an enviromental phylosophy and self-substaintability using eco-friendly yarns characterized by the natural tones of the fleece.


Deep focus and technical knowledge are given to intarsia development, vanisé, 3D jacquard  and  devoré knitwear. Our sampling room has a wide range of weaving machines that go from gauge 1.5 to 20 and this allows us to place electronically the feeders in their position, keeping a close millimetrical control on each stitch gauge. This brings life to new knitwear fabrics which characterizes, with innovation and high quality, the new brand ALEXRIDOLFI.

A combination of the advanced technology is backed up by the historical knowledge of the “stitch” and this is still tought by the Macdonald team using old-fashionned machinary held in the production department.

Linking and Finishing

The high qualifications of the Macdonald staff, the extreme attention to details along with advanced technology in a wide range of gauges (from 3 to 24) allows us to link any fully fashioned garment with any kind of raw material.

The last phase of the production chain is the finishing which makes the knits unique. It will give the item the desired characteristics such as the right handfeel, the right sparkle and the right shape. All this is possible thanks to the profi-BUS technology applied by Macdonald and its department which allows us to create the ideal washing recipe for each item by monitoring always the temperature, the mechanical tension, the pH and the water hardness.